How to Install or Remove a W7AE Subwoofer

JL Audio’s patented Overroll Surround Technology found on the W7AE family of subwoofers allows the use of a larger surround without compromising the size of the cone area. We are able to do this by placing the subwoofer’s surround farther outside than a traditional subwoofer and making full use of the entire footprint of the speaker. This means there isn’t a traditional mounting flange to mount a W7AE driver. Instead the mounting flange is hidden under the driver’s surround. Here is a step-by-step process to install or remove a W7AE subwoofer from it’s packaging or an existing enclosure.

  1. ) Before you begin, you will need the following tools:

Large flat-head screwdriver
Cordless drill with a phillips-head bit (or a phillips-head screwdriver)
2.) Install a JL Audio W7Remove the clamp ring by gently inserting the tip of the large flat-head screwdriver between the aluminum clamp ring and the vertical wall of the foam surround (Image 1). Pry gently to release one side of the clamp-ring from the frame of the speaker. Continue around the ring, gently prying the clamp-ring away from the frame one quarter of the way around the speaker. Once you’ve released one-quarter of the clamp-ring,Remove a W7 Clamp Ring a gentle push with your thumb in the direction of the speaker circumference will separate the clamp-ring fully (Image 2). Continue separating the clamp-ring

3.) Once the clamp is removed, a steel O-ring is exposed. Gently lift the O-ring with your finger tips, and move it to the side.

4.) JL W7 Hidden ScrewsWith the O-ring out of the way the surround is now completely free of the speaker frame. Lift the surround up and fold it back inside the speaker frame (Image 3). This exposes the the mounting screws. While holding the surround back with two fingers, back the first screw out using the electric drill. Repeat this process eleven more times until all twelve (12) mounting screws are W7AE Screw Removalremoved from the frame.

5.) With the subwoofer removed from the mounting baffle, it’s time to install it into the enclosure. First hook up the positive wire to the red terminal and the negative wire to the black terminal of the W7AE. The 13W7AE has dual voice coils and must be wired with it’s coils in series or in parallel. How to install subwooferOnce the speaker is wired, gently lower it into the enclosure. The assistance of a friend is helpful when loading the speaker due to the weight of the W7AE subwoofers.

6.) Line up the twelve holes on the speaker frame with the pre-drilled holes in the enclosure. Using the included hardware, carefully screw in all twelve (12) mounting screws into the speaker frame (Image 4). It’s important to use the included mounting hardware, inferior hardware (such as drywall screws) may lead to mounting failures.

7.) Take the steel O-ring that was previously removed and place it over the outside of the surround, Push it down firmly to make sure it seats in the lower lip of the surround down to How to mount a JL Audio W7the frame. If the O-ring is not firmly in place, it will not cooperate with the next step.

8.) Place the seam of the clamp-ring where it will be least visible in the installation (usually the bottom of the speaker). Start one end of the clamp-ring by pressing it in firmly (Image 5). Then work your way around the speaker pushing the clamp-ring inward and in the direction of the circumference of the speaker frame (Image 6). If you’ve achieved a tight fit all around, the seam will be small when you reach the starting point again. Check the entire circumference for a tight fit.

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