Warranty & Non-Warranty Repair Service Options

How to Get Repair Service on JL Audio Products (USA Customers only)

Before seeking a Return Authorization (RA) number from JL Audio, please consult your authorized JL Audio dealer and have them troubleshoot your system and evaluate your product(s) to ensure that service is required. If it is determined that service is required, they can make arrangements to have your product(s) returned to JL Audio for service. Non-US customers need to contact their local JL Audio Retailer or the distributor for their nation. If you need help finding a local US dealer or a distributor in your country, please use our Dealer Locator.

Review our Warranty Information. If you prefer to contact JL Audio directly for service, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Items not covered under our warranty may still be serviceable. You can view our non-warranty repair pricing schedule below.

Products With Altered, Defaced or Removed Serial Numbers:

An additional re-serialization fee will be charged for any eligible product returned for non-warranty service with defaced, altered or removed serial numbers. Any item returned without a serial number must be accompanied by a bill of sale / receipt proving legitimate ownership of the product. This bill of sale may be from an authorized or non-authorized dealer. Products returned for repair without proof of ownership will not be accepted under any circumstance. Repaired, re-serialized products will carry a 90-day parts and labor warranty from the date of return shipment. Under no circumstance will JL Audio honor warranties on products with altered, defaced or removed serial numbers!

Any item that does not have a valid, unaltered serial number will need to be assigned a new serial number. This service costs $50.00 USD (SKU: 92100DR).

Please note: No product will be accepted without a valid RA (Return Authorization) number. Products received without a valid RA Number will be refused.

Re-Serialization Fee (Applies to all repairs)) 92100DR 60
1000/1v2 98086DR 290
10TW1 92186DR 170
10TW3 92184DR 210
10W0v3 92165DR 80
10W1v3 92080DR 130
10W3v3 92151DR 190
10W6v3 92140DR 360
10W7AE 92114DR 410
1200/1v3 98352DR 290
12TW1 92187DR 190
12TW3 92185DR 250
12W0v3 92166DR 90
12W1v3 92082DR 150
12W3v3 92154DR 200
12W6v3 92141DR 430
12W7AE 92115DR 500
13TW5v2 92182DR 430
13W3v3 92157DR 240
13W7AE 92116DR 610
15W0v3 92167DR 150
250/1v2 98081DR 210
300/2v2 98082DR 210
300/4v2 / 300/4v3 98083DR / 98351DR 210
500/1v2 98080DR 290
600/1v3 98350DR 290
6W3v3 92146DR 130
8W1v3 92079DR 100
8W3v3 92148DR 150
8W7AE 92117DR 320
C7-100ct 99759DR 130
C7-350cm 99758DR 210
C7-650cw 99757DR 270
FiX-82 98100DR 190
FiX-86 98103DR 190
HD1200/1 98250DR 300
HD600/4 / MHD600/4 98221DR / 98224DR 300
HD750/1 / MHD750/1 98220DR / 98225DR 300
HD900/5 / MHD900/5 98223DR / 98226DR 300
JD1000/1 98363DR 330
JD250/1 98360DR 160
JD400/4 98361DR 180
JD500/1 98362DR 200
MM100s-BE 99920DR 300
MM50 99911DR 200
RD1000/1 98617DR 260
RD1500/1 98643DR 280
RD400/4 98621DR 190
RD500/1 98618DR 180
RD900/5 98642DR 260
TwK-88 98101DR 260
TwK-D8 98102DR 260
VX1000/1i / MV1000/1 98631DR / 98645DR 300
VX1000/5i / MV1000/5i 98632DR / 98651DR 300
VX400/4i / MV400/4i 98636DR / 98647DR 300
VX600/1i / MV600/1 98638DR / 98644DR 300
VX600/2i / MV600/2i 98634DR / 98646DR 300
VX600/6i / MV600/6i 98639DR / 98648DR 300
VX700/5i / MV700/5i 98640DR / 98650DR 300
VX800/8i / MV800/8i 98633DR / 98649DR 300
XD1000/1v2 / M1000/1v2 98257DR / 98357DR 300
XD1000/5v2 / M1000/5v2 98258DR / 98358DR 300
XD200/2 / XD200/2v2 /M200/2 98260DR / 98600DR /98270DR 190
XD300/1 / XD300/1v2 98266DR / 98601DR 180
XD400/4 / XD400/4v2 / M400/4 98261DR / 98602DR /98271DR 190
XD500/3 /XD500/3v2 / M500/3 98267DR / 98603DR /98277DR 200
XD600/1 / XD600/1v2 / M600/1 98263DR / 98604DR / 98273DR 260
XD600/6 / XD600/6v2 /M600/6 98262DR / 98605DR /98272DR 280
XD700/5 / XD700/5v2 /M700/5 98264DR / 98606DR /98274DR 280
XD800/8v2 / M800/8v2 98259DR / 98359DR 300

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