Common Stealthbox® Questions

Do you make a Stealthbox® for my vehicle?

We have many different Stealthbox® products available for many vehicle makes, models, and years. You can search for your vehicle on the JL Audio website to determine if we have a solution for your vehicle.

Why don't you make a Stealthbox® for my vehicle?

When determining which vehicles to target for Stealthbox® research and development, many factors are considered, including the popularity of the vehicle, the typical audience for the vehicle, and the rate of sale of similar Stealthbox® models. If we don't make one for a popular vehicle, chances are that one of our many universal Subwoofer Systems can do a great job in that vehicle. You can also contact an authorized JL Audio dealer about a custom enclosure, similar to a Stealthbox®, loaded with one of our many subwoofer drivers.

What color Stealthbox® should I order?

JL Audio Stealthbox ColorsSome Stealthbox® models are available in multiple colors in order to match the vehicle's factory interior. If multiple colors are available for your vehicle, the options will be listed under the Stealthbox® Color & Ordering Information section on the product page of the JL Audio website. The OEM Color listed in the chart is the vehicle manufacturer's name for the interior color of the vehicle. Check the Color Match Grade Notes section for additional details. If you do not know the factory name for your interior color, we recommend contacting the parts department of your local auto dealer to find out the interior color of your vehicle (have your VIN handy).
Can I purchase a Stealthbox® without the subwoofer?**

No. All of our enclosures, including Stealthbox®, are only sold complete with an appropriate JL Audio subwoofer driver. We do not offer empty enclosures.

Can I purchase a Stealthbox® with a different subwoofer?

No. The subwoofer that comes loaded in a Stealthbox® was carefully chosen to get the best performance from the available space in the vehicle. The enclosure was built to a specific volume for optimal integration with the vehicle and the chosen driver. The results from the complete solution will provide plenty of low frequency output and the best transition between the sub bass and mid bass.

What is the internal volume of a Stealthbox®?

The net volume varies with each Stealthbox® model. Once an enclosure location and woofer are chosen for a given vehicle, we test a range of enclosure volumes until we find what works best. Sometimes the result is an enclosure built to the normal recommendation for the woofer, and sometimes it is a little larger or smaller. We do not publish Stealthbox® volumes.

What are the dimensions of a Stealthbox®?

Similar to the internal volume above, Stealthbox® dimensions vary with each model. Because the enclosures are often complex shapes with organic geometry and contoured to fit the vehicle, external dimensions and mounting depth are difficult to measure and are not published.

What amplifier should I use with a Stealthbox®?

The rated power handling of each Stealthbox® model is dependent on the model and quantity of the woofer that it comes loaded with. You will find our amplifier recommendation for every model in the installation manual. The manuals can be found on the product page of the JL Audio website under the Support tab.

Where are Stealthbox® products made?

JL Audio Stealthbox LogoAll of our Stealthbox® models are built in the USA at our main headquarters in Miramar, Florida. See some of the production images in our Gallery.

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